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What To Look For When Inspecting A Brand New House

BBC The Somme From Defeat to Victory"Set your train over on Two Track; power to the house," crackles the cab radio. The crew shuffles its train into the yard and guides its two Alcos to rest just …

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How often do you look at your roof? If you’re like me, you run in and out of the house, shuttle the kids back and forth, and glance up at the roofline only …

Here are some things you can check. (But this doesn’t take the place of having the chimney checked by a professional.) Chimney tips for homeowners checklist

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I made this exact mistake unfortunately through most of my house! I have an open floor plan so I put a taupe berber throughout. It worked with my cashmere walls fine …

This article describes the problems associated with aluminum wiring, how to identify it, and suggestions that inspectors can offer their clients.

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